Movement Membership

All the tools you need to add movement to your day so that you can enjoy a life with energy and less physical pain. 


Movement Membership is about your body's physical accomplishments and challenges. The trainings and workouts are helping you learn how the body moves and what it can achieve when you try. There is no comparison or judgment. You have the power to challenge your limits, and by taking that challenge, it will give you confidence to keep moving and upgrade your future health. 

Follow along or watch snippet workouts so that you can get in movements for the time you have available. Workouts range from a 10 minute stretch to a 50 minute full body session. 

Find the moves that you enjoy and repeat. New workouts are added often to give you more options and to challenge you. Want to focus on a specific muscle or have equipment at home that you need help with? Give me a shout! I'm here to help you!



Charged monthly


6 Months


Charged every 6 months




Charged yearly